About us

Neelagiri stands proud and tall, among its class of colleges in the district in terms of its infrastructural facilities. Both the colleges at Nalgonda and housed in premises with adequate parking and circulating space. Even though both are centrally located in prime business and commercial neighbors hoods, they are oases of calm and quiet, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life

Neelagiri classrooms are spacious, airy and well ventilated. All the rooms, including laboratories and seminar halls, have been designed and constructed according to the stringent norms of Osmania University & Mahatma Gandhi University. It is in recognition of this excellent accommodation that the University has chosen Neelagiri as an official examination centre. Further testimony to the infrastructural strength of Neelagiri is borne by its designation as an official centre for various State and Central Government tests such as EAMCET. ICET, TTC, B.Ed APPSC and RRB. Group-1,2,4 and also online examinations Of different universities.

Discipline is an integral part of the way of life at Neelagiri. It is indeed the staple fiber into which all the hues and colours of academic excellence, sports and other activities are woven. The outcome is an intricate unique institutional fabric called "Neelagiri".More specifically; students would do well to internalize the following rules and regulations for their continued survival and development in the college. Recruiting organizations and prestigious institutions of higher learning have typically preferred Neelagiri students for this reason alone

They believe in the saying that “If a woman is educated, one generation is educated”. This belief and determination to serve women society made the college evolve into a complete one with all possible conventional and novel courses, added year after year at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Ever since its perception the college has the distinction of excelling in academics and extracurricular activities. It always stood ahead in promoting the job oriented quality education to the women in tune with the changing scenario to compete with their counterparts in all spheres.

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Our Mission